Opening Words

People have always said that when you start something you should make a good 1st Impression. First off, I don’t think that I am capable of such a task. With my quirks and differences and crazy ideas, I have come to the world bright eyed and wanting to change the world one little girly giggle at a time. One can hope we can make that happen.
Having starting to perform in June 2011 and with a handful of shows under my belt, which is odd because I am wearing the belt but no pants, I am hoping to do more and more shows over the next few months so creating this was the 1st step in setting up my global domination plan, where I make you think ahhhh he may be funny and then bam I am world president and we are using balloons as currency so we can deflate an inflate at will. (wait) I have clearly gone off a tangent and forgotten what I was trying to say.
Please browse around this site see what you like and don’t like remember that when you comment I do have feelings though and I have been known to be a little girl sometimes.
Have a rad day to anyone who has read this and stay classy!


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