1 years old! I guess Happy Comedy Birthday to me!

So on June 21st I became a 1 year old to the comedy world, I wanted to make it a thing so I wrangled myself on the line up for Parkers on June 20th, now 1st off that was an odd choice because in that year I had done Parkers 5 other times, and heard the same thing they hear at a 5 day game of the sport the insect is named after. Crickets.

Parkers Monte, is the place for comedy and comedians, its where you should be hanging out if you want to be known and everyone involved in the venue is amazing, Joe for what he has done for the scene and Melisa his right hand lady who kicks serious ass.

The line up was an improv game involving Vittorio Leonardi, Hannes Brummer and Monique Nortjie. Then a break and it would be me Mojak and Mpho Pops.

Parker hosted and did what he does, he is solid gets involved and gets people laughing. Parkers was full as a result I am sure of the crazy marketing going into the venue with billboards and comedy central shows! It is growing. Joe is so experienced and really funny he combines talking shit with stories and one liners he mixes it up. I would love to see him do a one man show.

Joe, started the improv and they played various games, Vic is great at it, and Hannes is naturally funny, I think its harder for Monique but she made me laugh the hardest in patches. My favourite  part was the game where Vic had to translate an “alien” language from Hannes who had an important message from his planet. Made up from crowd participation and Vic outside the venue the important notice was that Julius Malema, has gone back to school, where he met Bruce willis, they got high, thus bringing on the 2nd coming of Jesus (The 2nd coming was my input). Hannes pranced around for 10 minutes miming this and I laughed hard, Vic got it to my amazement! After that game the break had arrived.

Mojack and I went backstage, not knowing who was 1st up as we had not been told. Getting caught up in a convo with Vic we found ourselves entangled in a chat when Joe called me up, I quickly snapped and ran up on stage. Now up until this point I always know what material I am going to use, but thats when I have bomed (thanks Magic Man for the advice). I now go up with a rough idea and just have fun. I came out with Energy attacking my own name, and with the aid from a blonde who then shouted out the premise to the joke I just did? Made it easy to banter, people where enjoying me a weird feeling coming from a venue I usually have had minimal success at. I thrieved, I did old material but bulked it up made it fuller and got the laughs I think its worthy of, I ended on a high and people auplauded as I went off. My head got a bit bigger and I felt proud of the achievement.

A year had gone by since my 1st show at GIN and there I was rocking a comedy club. I feel like I am heading in the right direction but I know hard work is still needed and I must keep working on material and performing. I can confidently say I am here to stay though and will make my way through the industry to a known status.

I didn’t see all of Mojak’s set as I took a moment backstage to myself (hope my dna remains) caught his last bit. It was all new material but there is no doubt he is a very intelligent man, I loved what I saw and will defiantly try see him again soon!

Then Mpho Pops took to stage! What a talent! What a performer! I am envious! He is one of my favourites, Very relatable and very funny, he got everyone laughing in the place from joke one to the end. Roars and roars of laughter everywhere! He threw new stuff at us and we responded and so he threw more new stuff and we responded and he ended with old stuff and we applauded.

Overall a fun 1st year in Comedy. I want to thank you because if you reading this you have most likely seen me at a show! Overall I hope soon to have a following of more people like you!

Overall show: 8/10

Line up: 8/10

My performance: 8/10


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