Good, The Bad, And the Gigging

So I was going to do a gig by gig breakdown for all 3 of you who read this blog, however I am a bit behind so for May I thought I would just break down for the month with the best show the worst show and just a show for the sake of keeping people informed and me to let it out:


I did several shows throughout May and was actually crazy busy, between doing Whiteboy again and other shows it was an event that gets my good nod. 10 000 photos of hope a charity event for people who need bone marrow and to tell people about the true nature of bone marrow donating and the diseases it can help fight.

My friend Jared Carneson invited me to the event and he has been heavily involved with the organisation The Sunflower fund since his nephew was born with a type of Leukemia, but baby Reef as he is know has kicked the diseases ass and its many thanks to the work this types of organizations do. So Jared asked me if I would emcee the event. Without hesitation I agree to help.

The event concept is simple people donate photos and it ranges from pros to amatures and then they sell them in a square in Melrose Arch. All money raised goes to the fund.

Now the image in my head and the way the show went are 2 different things, I had a semi script intro with no humor (cause whats funny about cancer) but I spiced it up. Introducing myself as the stand in for Trevor Noah cause their budget was all used so they went for me. I am slowly learning people like you mocking yourself because lets face it we are sick in the head. I threw one or 2 of my pre planned lines out and got some chuckles from the 25 people paying attention to me.

The Line up was: Wasdieman, Boycott Ballad, Wake to Wonder, Lacey May & Josie fields would close out the show. I was set to bring each act up and had 7 -10 min between each act.

Wasdieman where easy, mainly because being a white no afrikaan’s speaker its easy to just make fun in Melrose arch of Afrikaans natured music. I listened to half a song and wasn’t caught by anything and was more interested in the x rated art they had there.

Boycott Ballad where fun, complete cover band who sing it all acoustically, they where loved by people in the surrounding restaurants. Me, I am no fan of cover acts so I wanted to nap. The band ended and a quick mimick of how so many hits came from one artist got the growing growd laughing. Wake to wonder was more of the same, and I kept the on the spot comments going to the chuckles of the crowd who consisted of roughly 40 people at this point.

Between them and Lacey May, I decided to go meet some of the crowd. I noted how the one couple she was buying art and he was just paying and didn’t know what he was attending. He was the walking money. Then it happened Lacey May’s fans arrived, a sea of hipsters which I had thought would be around all day as hipsters love photos more than the world, as proven by instigram and how shit that app actually is. Now I was starting to have fun, in my personal life I rip people off a lot, on stage the moment never truely has presented itself, then my new friend who I will name Douchey (its french) for this came to the front. He pulled a zap at me, but there he stood his boyfriends skinnys which he stole from an ex girlfriend on, a shitty mustache, a beanie and v neck stripped tshirt on. I bought him an x rated photo for R50 had it delivered to him told him to go help himself and then he would come back a happier person. He left, one hopes to the bathroom but I feel to go home. Was crowning momement in my comedy life.

Lacey may took the stage and all I can say about that band is the singers voice gives me a boner. Its awesome, a bit slow and predictable but boner none the less.

Now everyone involved was tired so we rushed through the auction which was akward because I didnt know I would have to be the show girl, and then straight into Josie.

I wrapped up proud of my achievements having only sworn once all day, and coming up with a lot on my feet.

Show Overall (Comedian POV): 4/10

Line Up (Overall including bands) ; 7/10

My Performance: 7/10

The BAD:

Carnival City – The last time I was on at Carnival City I was hammered from coming from a wake and spent more money getting the gig via a driver then I was going to make, full of depression I should have cancelled instead I went on and bombed. I was determined to set it right. Melissa at Parkers had put an awesome line up together in Vittorio Leonardi, Sean Wewigee (excuse my spelling) David Levinhson and headliner was a Canadian.

Vic went up and did what vic does, he got them laughing his 15 min went quick and I didn’t hear it all from backstage but I head laughter and thats a good sign.

Dave is one of my favourite hosts, but I dont know if Dave is a fan of mine, he always introduces me as that weird guy, and I may talk about odd subject material but when you bring me down and then expect me to get laughs its harder but is my job.

I came out and did my standard set – nothing new, they responded to me ripping myself off and a little bit of my family plight, sports was a big miss till the end with my good faithful ching chong cha joke, and I came off. Relieved to get through it, but definitively knowing no one there would remember me.

Sean came out after me, and did the best of all the comedians on, they loved that he was a ginger and kept it going through his set, he also made good friend with the 4 grumpy coloureds in the front and them stamping approval gave everyone approval to laugh.

The headliner was a complete miss mainly because people couldn’t relate to a weird Canadian kid, however all us comedians lauged had has he had good punch lines and was just loving not being loved. I wish I could remember his name!

Show Overall: 6/10

Line up: 8/10

My Performance: 5/10

The GIG: The gig is where I choose one other show for you and break it down. I am going with Bubba J’s.

Bubba J’s on wednesdays is know for open mic night, and having a whole bunch of new stuff and them loving to give lots of stage time I thought I would go try mainly new stuff.

Malcolm Feireira was the host, and 6 other new commers where on the bill. I sat with Malcolm talking lots of crap before the show started cause Malcolm and I get on really well, and I find him crazy funny.

We started 30 min late only once all the comedians had arrived, there where about 30 people and 8 comedians, Malcolm took to the stage, my only issue with Malcolm as host is he gets self indulgent and takes 20 min to get the 1st guy up when 10 will do. But can you blame him when he was killing a room like he was this night.

2 muslim comedians started the show, they look like cousins and are similar on stage and off stage. Their names are Goolam and Zaheer. Goolam has potential but forgot what he wanted to talk about and proceeded to look it up on his phone, I am not claiming to be a know it all but I know you never do that, if you forget wing it till you remember. He had them for 2 of his 7 minutes but he is a funny guy so just needs stage time.

Zaheer was more confident and knew his material well he delivered well, and other than a small fleeting mistake in the middle was solid, I would definetly use him on upcoming shows I had as he use material that hits home about difference in being a durban and jhb indian. The night was off to a solid start.

I took to the stage to close the 1st half a decision made by Malcolm as I was most experienced comedian of the bunch but not the longest going.

I came out with a bang, my new material on the internet hitting home, taking a bit away from my usual self insulting material. I then when into the middle which is all new material, based highly on girls and my mother (expanded) as well as my brother thrown in the mix. I felt it wasnt quiet right got some laughs but not what I had hoped, I then delivered old fashioned tried and test bits and closed with my usual ching chong cha and got off to a loud laughter and applause, proud of my achievements I thought I had proven why Malcolm had faith in me.

The 2nd half was very disjointed and the first 2 acts where boring and quickly ushed off. While Malcolm worked hard to bring the crowds attention back to comedy and away from Champions league on the tvs.  He is a pro and does it very well, he has the right combo of topical and involvement, and I was learning as I want to start hosting some shows.

Then came the suprise package. Comical Theboho.  His 1st time on stage and he killed, well spoken great material, and ofcourse his women and friends in the front to cheer him on, which helps (I can vouch *cough my 1st show ever*) He was very natural and if he gigs a lot he will be big. His only downfall he lives fuck far and will have to take a knock financially every gig for a while.

The other comedians will all easily forgetable but overall the night was a lot of fun the crowd wanted to laugh and that makes it easy.

Overall Show: 7/10

Line up: 6/10

My performance: 8/1o


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