Free Stuff… Who doesn’t want free stuff…

So I recorded several shows for MP3’s and the Video, and finally I decided on the best collection of material and best quality that I have.

Please feel free to download my MP3 demo, share it with your friends do what you will with it. Like a genie I grant you permission. Unfortunately I cant wish for a million dollars so if you do enjoy the MP3′s and can support there is a donation tab below. All money I make via donations will go towards touring my one man show that I am busy writing named “I just don’t get it” which I am hoping to tour from August 2013. Thank you for your support. (PS you are all thinking what a F^#KING Jew. Asking for money, its simply because I would like to do this full time so I don’t have to go to some shitty cubicle and fantasize about banging the secretary on the copier just to get through my day. I would rather come visit you in whatever city you are in and bang your office secretary on your copier.)

Disk cover 2


Enjoy 🙂


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