Their Stories – Live @ Comedy Bar July 6th


Hi there

Thanks for finding your way here – maybe you have no life, or your job bores you and you’re easily distracted by the internet. Maybe (and I hope) you’re ready and willing to help contribute to my “creative” idea.


Everyone has a story to tell –  tales of embarrassment, humour, joy mixed with sadness, hope and a range of other subjects. Often after a show people will come up to me as a comic and say “oh I have the best story for a stand up bit.” These people usually follow up with “Ah but I could not perform” or “I don’t have the guts to tell it” So I am asking you – friends, family, fans or enemies. Submit your story in the box below and I will take the best stories and transform them into the performance of a one man show called “Their Stories” as if they were mine. You can be anonymous or not – there’s no shame in a name. If I pick your story for the show, you’ll get free tickets to see the performance in Toronto (getting here is your own damn expense) or a small gift baggie from me to say thank you. (This is assuming you fill in your details and do not want to be anonymous – I am talented but giving nameless people presents is a job for, y’know, a psychic. if I were psychic, I wouldn’t need you to tell me your stories.) (Gift baskets include: Beer, T-shirts, & Tickets to the show for you + 1)

I’m accepting all stories, but please try remember that this is a comedy show. If you’re not comfortable with jokes about child abuse – you might not want to tell me *those* stories. I’m also more likely to use stories from the dating world – that’s the motif I have in my head for the show. Stories about a bad date, or an awkward encounter with an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend, or an embarrassing moment in front of a partners parents are the sort of thing I’m looking for first.

Please note that minor details of the stories may be changed by me and a small team of writers. The goal is to make it a better story for the telling – we won’t be changing anything significant. The Performance date is set to JULY 6th @ COMEDY BAR – 945 Bloor street west with Special guest Troy Stark. Tickets are 5$.

Submit a story either on or in the box below:



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