Ariel Kagan is a fresh new comedian on the Canadian stage. With his natural ability on stage buoyed by his confidence and charisma it doesn’t surprise crowds as he uses that to get across his dynamic blend of risqué and conventional comedy.

Having grown and learnt the basics of the trade in his hometown of Johannesburg, South Africa at a range of establishments in the Joburg area like Parkers Comedy Club, Carnival City, Emperors palace, The Box Comedy, GIN as well as several festival such as Splashy Fen & Park Acoustics as well as hosting few private events. Ariel is set to be in a prime position to take on the world after moving to Toronto in late 2012 and man, has the onslaught begun. Performing at several high profile places, The Laugh Factory (Chicago), Stand-up NY (NYC), Crackers (Indy), Yuk Yuks (Canada), Comedy Bar (Toronto) and being invited for the Lab Cab Arts FestivaL & 2013 & 2014 NXNE Festivals

With his long history in music management he is no stranger to the entertainment industry, and it was just a matter of time until he realized he was meant to take to the stage and not prepare the stage.

An exuberance which draws people in has lead Ariel to receive press interest in various local medias in South Africa and is hoping to do the same now that he has relocated. Ariel Kagan has also been nominated for an award – Voted the Funniest Male under age 27 as voted by Ariel Kagan and his mom. He has yet to win this accolade.

He may be new to the scene but with such a bright start you have to ask what is next, and one can only think… Alaska


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